Guided Tours in the Danube Delta with Dragos OLARU

The Danube Delta is a huge (almost 2,000 square miles), spread of water, reed and sun. The net of lakes, channels and brooks is the main line of communications in the Delta and a great place for boating, water sports and angling.
Furtuna, Merhei, Babina, Matita, Gorgova, Uzlina, Lumina, Puiu, and Rosu
are some of the most beautiful lakes. Channels such as Sireasa-Sontea, Eracle-Lopatna, Litcov, Dunavat, Lipovenilor lead to the most hidden and charming places in the Danube Delta. The vegetation is prevailing emerse, constituted of common reed and near by riverbanks, mace reed, sedge, dutch rush, brook mint, gray willow.
A peculiar place is occupied by floating reed islet formation, which is a mixture of reed roots, herbs and soil, usually floating or fixed on the bottom of the depressions.
Angling Fishing for fresh water and saltwater fish is allowed the whole year, except during for the 60 day spawning season beginning in April. The fishing areas are yearly established by the "Hunters and Anglers" Union and the Administration of the Biosphere Reservation "Delta Dunarii".
The 75 species of freshwater fish are one of the great wealths of the Danube Delta. Among the most common species are carp, crucian carp, pike, zander, sheat fish, perch. During the spawning period, anadromous seafish such as sturgeon and sterlets that live in the Black and Caspian Seas, swim up the Danube.

Drifting through the marshes of the Danube Delta is a genuine primeval adventure. Birds screech, honk, howl and cuckoo. Frogs croak and grunt. Mosquitoes bite. Trees and dense brush seem to grow right out of the water. For a relaxing, back-to-nature experience, the Danube Delta is hard to beat. There's little to do but watch the landscape pass by, look for birds and lounge on the pontoon's spacious deck. There's little civilization, exept for poor, primitive fishing villages scattered deep in the thick of the wilderness maze.

Our guides are local people familiar with the places you might want to visit. They are always ready to assist you in planning your holiday according to your specific requirements They will help you make an informed choice when planing your itinerary and discover places of breathtaking beauty quite often overlooked by the casual traveler.
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