Guided Tours in the Danube Delta with Dragos OLARU

Drifting through the marshes of the Danube Delta is a genuine primeval adventure. Birds screech, honk, howl and cuckoo. Frogs croak and grunt. Mosquitoes bite. There's little civilization, exept for poor, primitive fishing villages scattered deep in the thick of the wilderness maze. Here we can guide you in a trip wich will be unforgetable for you.
Crisan Bogdaproste Lake - Trei Iezere Lake Mila 23 - Old Danube Channel - Crisan
- Duration: 5-6 hours - Small chanells with willows and lush aquatic vegetation, birds and other aquatic wildlife, small lakes with water lilies, fisherman huts in midlle of wilderness .... more on this tour
Crisan Cuibul cu lebede (Swan's Nest) Iacob Lake Dunarea Noua - Duration: 3 - 4 hours with fishing and swimming break. Great number and variety of birds and aquatic wildlife, beautifull spots for swiming and fishing, sand islands and reed.... more on this tour
Crisan Sulina Crisan -Duration: 4 - 5 hours - A tour of Sulina, a small cosmopolitan city on the mouth of the Danube, swiming on a beatifull beach on the Black Sea and if wanted a evning on a small and intimate terace in Sulina more on this tour
Crisan Dunarea Veche Letea - Duration: 5 - 6 hours - Letea - old vilage standing on a sand dune, Letea forest, reed islans and water lilies ... more on this tour
Crisan Puiu- Complex Rosu Caraorman - Duration: 6-7 hours Caraonman forest trip included - an unforgetable journey from the aquatic maze to an tropical forest with old oaks and llanas, aquatic wildlife .... more on this tour

Our guides are local people familiar with the places you might want to visit. They are always ready to assist you in planning your holiday according to your specific requirements They will help you make an informed choice when planing your itinerary and discover places of breathtaking beauty quite often overlooked by the casual traveler.
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